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about Goose Town NFTs

Community Driven Animation

Goose Town is an animated YouTube series of short stories and songs starring a bunch of silly geese that live in Goose Town. By purchasing a Goose Town NFT, you will be purchasing a “citizen” of Goose Town. As a citizen you will have the right to vote and audition for upcoming roles in our next featured Goose Town video via our discord channel. We will also be rewarding community members for their contributions to the project and doing many fun giveaways along the way!


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Vote and audition for upcoming roles in featured Goose Town Videos!


Watch the madnesss unfold on YouTube!


Q1 2022


• Creation of 10,000 Silly Goose NFT's
• Build socials including twitter, discord, instagram
• Build website with minting dapp
• Release animated video showcasing the project potential

Q3 2022

in the works

• Research and create a DAO to reward holders and increase secondary market demand
• Creation of online Poker Tournaments, Trivia and Quizzes with rewards
•Gifs/Memes/Talent contests on our Social Media Channels

Q1 2023


• Development of Goose Egg NFT Release
• Research into P2E Game in which GT Racing Geese will be used to compete against each other in actual online races with leader boards and significant SOL prices. Each GT racing Goose will have its own traits to determine the way it handles a particular race based on various weather conditions

Q2 2022


• Promote and sellout NFT collection
• Get project listed on secondary markets
•Create discord verification system for NFT holders
•50% of royalties to be distributed to holder by various means: competitions, giveaways, floorsweeps (ongoing)
•Consistently work on creating and publishing better Youtube videos with our community to drive subscribers and in turn benefit the NFT space (ongoing)

Q4 2022


• Create Goose Town cryptocurrency and distribute to holders
• Create staking pool to provide passive income for stakers

Q2 2023


• Continue to explore ideas and opportunities to add value to the community!

Goose Town Team


Creative director

5 Things about me:
1. My favourite snack is Hickory Sticks. Also probably the #1 reason to come to Canada 🍬🍬🍬
2. My favourite song is "Wayne Gretzky" by Goldfinger. Check it out, you won't be disappointed. 🏒
3. If I could meet anyone in history I'd like to meet the guy who decides how many people can sleep in a tent and ask him for an explanation ⛺
4. My favourite movie is Casino 🎰. It's better than goodfellas. There, I said it.🍿
5. My dream car is a 2009 Pontiac Montana🚙 Mission accomplished. 💪


marketing director

5 Things about me1
1. My favourite food is lasagna 😋
2. My favourite song is September by Earth Wind & Fire 🌍💨🔥
3. I'm happiest when I travel 🗺✈️
4. If I could live anywhere it would be Rio de Janeiro 🇧🇷
5. If I could have any super power it would be Time Traveller.⌛


community manager

5 Things about me:
1. If I could live anywhere it would be the Bahamas🇧🇸
2. I'm happiest when I'm with my family ❤️
3. My favourite movies are Back to the Future Series & The Shawshank Redemption 🍿
4. If I could have any superpower it would be invisibility 😈🤣
5. My favourite food is Chinese Cuisine - goes down well 🥢

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